Enjoy the cold

In August 2016, Polaire Plus awarded  Alizés the mandate to re-brand our product image.

Polaire Plus has a reputation based on quality, durability and comfort in the cold. This image had to apply and reflect in all areas,  for work, winter sports and everyday life. It was then that the “Love the Cold” slogan was developed.

Then, for redesigning the logo, they decided to keep the polar bear as a symbol of comfort and barrier to the cold. This symbol demonstrates that Polaire Plus clothing is as warm and comfortable as the bear’s fur. The logo has therefore been designed in such a way that the bear exudes well-being and bliss in its natural environment. This was made to emphasize and parallel emotions felt when wearing Polaire Plus. The bear also looks at the Polar Star, the symbol of the North. It is illuminated by the moon in backlight, in order to highlight it.

Subsequently, several communication tools were developed, including a complete redesign of the website along with the online store. Clothing labels, indoor and outdoor signage, stationery, as well as promotional items and company car graphic designs have all been rebraded.

Here are our new labels:


A big thank you to the entire Alizés Communication team for their great work.