Looking for exclusivity

In the winter of 2019, Polaire Plus wanted to stand out with sublimation on their textiles to enhance the look of their new children’s line of snowsuits.

First, let’s start with the question, what is sublimation?

Sublimation is the simplest and most effective method for applying high-quality photos and images on a wide variety of objects. Here, for example, we have fabric. Once the image is printed on paper, it is transferred to the fabric by putting the paper in contact with the surface and heating it long enough to make the ink react with the surface of the product. A Hot press is used for this process.

The image literally penetrates the surface of the fabric, instead of being affixed to it, resulting in a perfectly homogeneous product to the touch and a superior image definition.

There are several phases required when you sublimate a fabric to arrive at the final product.

First, we need to research colors and shapes that will be at the forefront of market trends in the following year. Upon completion of this step, the designer can start creating  designs for next season’s collection.

We need to provide  color palettes supported by the pantone codes so that the prints colors are true to the sketches made. When all these steps are completed, these creations are all sent to the company to perform the work.

Finally, we receive the sublimated fabric with beautiful custom patterns that we created and we can complete the new collection for next season.


Here is one of the 8 patterns of our sublimated fabric: